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Questions about Chargers and Dispensers

Do nitrous whipped cream chargers have expiration dates?

Although some suppliers claim nitrous chargers have no expiration date, in reality gas within any cylinder loses effectiveness overtime, and whip cream chargers are no exception. You should expect these n2o cartridges to have a shelf life of around two years before noticing any loss in their efficiency.

How big are the cases?

Whipped cream charger cases are actually quite small, and therefore store easily while still in the box. The smaller case packs measure approximately 6"x 8"x 11" while the larger case packs measure 12"x 14" x 8".

Are nitrous chargers recyclable?

Whip cream chargers are made of steel, making them 100% recyclable. In some states, steel has to be delivered to specific recycling centers. Check with your state recycling program to find the closest steel recycling center.

How many dispensers do I need for one coffee shop? 

Three to five dispensers are sufficient to meet the demand of even the busiest coffee shops.

How much time does it take to refill a whipped cream dispenser?

A trained employee should be able to refill a whipped cream dispenser in as little as thirty seconds.

What are some ways I can increase efficiency with my whipped cream dispenser?

The chargers and sweeteners should be stored as close to the heavy cream as possible. That way, everything you need to make fresh whipped cream is within easy reach.

What do I do if my whipped cream dispenser gets clogged?

Unless an employee mistakenly uses granulated sugar, this is a problem you should rarely encounter. If your whipped cream dispenser does get clogged, there is an easy way to get the top of safely without creating a mess. Simply fill a sink full with water, submerge the whipped cream dispenser in its entirety, and unscrew the cap. This method prevents any risk of injury, as well as minimizing any potential mess.

My whipper is broken. How do I know what part to replace?

If your whipper is leaking from underneath the cap, then you need a new head gasket. If your whipped cream looks good after its initial charge, but seems to lose its potency over an elapsed amount of time, then the problem is most likely your valve stem. If it seems like the gas is not entering the canister, then the problem is most likely the puncture valve of the dispenser head. If you have any other questions, feel free to call one of our service representatives at 877-558-9447, and they'll personally troubleshoot the problem with you.

Can I leave the holder and whipped cream charger attached after I've charged the whipping cream?

Sure.  This is the easiest way to ensure you never lose your holder in the first place. If an employee does manage to lose a holder, Get Fresh Whip! (Gourmet Products) can replace them.