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Why Should I Use Fresh Whipped Cream?

Why is fresh whipped cream better?

Freshly made whipped cream tastes better and can be colored or flavored for your unique tastes and for special occasions. Fresh will often times be less expensive than buying the ready-made cans. The product is whipped cream and sugar or syrup rather than a mixture of cream, milk, sucrose, corn syrup, whey mono- and diglycerides, natural and artificial flavors.  Your customers appreciate it.

Is making fresh whipped cream easy?

Making whip cream is quite simple, given the proper tools and ingredients. A trained employee should be able to make a substantial amount of heavy whipping cream in a matter of minutes.

Why is delicious whipped cream of primary importance to my business?

When a new customer comes to your store and orders your drinks, whipped cream is the first thing that touches their mouth. A great taste is a perfect way to introduce your drink to the customer and to impress them with your quality. As far as repeat customers go, who doesn't like delicious and fresh whipped cream?

Can customers honestly tell a difference between canned and fresh whip cream?

Fresh whipped cream is superior to canned cream by far. Your customers will taste the difference right away.

I'm worried that my shop's demand for whipped cream is so high that I won't be able to keep up. How much will fresh whipped cream slow me down?

We have customers that do as many as 600 to 800 pints of whipped cream per week. If used efficiently, fresh whipping cream dispensers can keep up with any amount of demand.

What do I need know to make an accurate cost comparison?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the volume per canister is different between canned whipped cream and fresh whipped cream. A fresh dispenser contains approximately 18 oz. of whipped cream and sweetening, while the cans traditionally contain 12-14 oz. of whipped cream per can. This represents a 30% difference that must be factored in to any cost comparison.